Speech Therapy and Literacy Specialists in Sydney

Speak & Write Speech Pathology specialise in helping primary students and adolescents who experience speech, reading or writing difficulties.

Speak & Write’s team of speech pathologists are experts in: 
Teaching phonics for reading and writing
Developing spoken and written language
Developing listening, comprehension and memory skills

Speak and Write uses scientifically based teaching methods, tailored to each student’s individual needs and preferred learning styles to help children and adolescents improve their reading, spelling and writing. Contact us today to discuss your concerns about your child’s literacy skills.

Our Team


Samantha Carr, Managing Director & Speech Pathologist

Sam graduated with an Honours Degree in Speech Pathology from The University of Newcastle. She was inspired to become a speech pathologist by her drive to help others and work with children.

Sam initially joined the Speak & Write team in 2014, in pursuit of working with children who have literacy difficulties as this was an area she was passionate about improving. Sam understands the importance literacy plays in people’s everyday lives and feels strongly about developing this area in our youth.

After a period of honing her craft and becoming a mentor for new speech pathologists, Sam was inspired to own her own private practice. She assisted the founder of Speak & Write, Alex McKinlay, with admin support for two years before taking over the business in 2018. Sam brings to the Speak & Write team a new energy and passion for innovation within the business. She encourages her team to be client focused in setting goals and ensure therapy is fun and enjoyable. Sam is excited to be leading the wonderful team at Speak & Write.

Sam is trained in the Spalding Method, Speak & Write’s preferred literacy and language learning program. Sam is registered with Speech Pathology Australia’s Professional Self Regulation program and regularly participates in Professional Development in both clinical and administrative areas.


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Georgia May

Georgia graduated with a Masters in Speech and Language Pathology from Macquarie University after completing a Bachelor degree is Speech and Hearing Sciences. Georgia’s love of children and drive to help others spurred her to become a speech pathologist and her particular interest in helping children with literacy difficulties lead her to join Speak & Write. Georgia is an integral part of the community and enjoys running Youth Group through her church working with teenagers. This experience helps her be approachable with teenagers and she is able to connect with them easily and gain the most from their sessions.

Georgia’s broad range of knowledge and groundedness is highy valued at Speak & Write. Georgia is well loved by clients for her balance of professionalism and playfulness. Georgia can motivate even the most reluctant writers and readers through her energy, commitment and kindness.

Georgia is trained in the Spalding Method, Speak & Write’s preferred literacy and language learning program. Georgia is registered with Speech Pathology Australia’s Professional Self Regulation program.


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Kate Backhouse

Kate graduated with a Bachelor of Speech Pathology from the University of Queensland. She began her career as a Speech Pathologist in public health in Queensland before moving to Sydney in 2015.

Kate brings to the Speak & Write team her experience in working with children with early language delays, speech and language delays/disorders , literacy difficulties and fluency disorders (i.e. stuttering). She also has experience working with children with Autism, Global Developmental delays, Childhood Apraxia of Speech and Down Syndrome.

Kate is friendly and innovative, enabling her to adapt therapy to best suit the child and their family. She is loving living in Sydney and is making the most out of Sydney’s beaches and live music scene.

Kate is trained in the Lidcombe Program, Spalding Program and regularly participates in professional development. Kate is registered with Speech Pathology Australia’s Professional Self Regulation program.


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Skye Buchanan

Skye graduated with a Bachelor of Speech Pathology from Curtin University in WA in 2012.

She started her career as a Speech Pathologist in a private practice in WA for a little over 3 years. Here she honed her skills working with children between the age of 0-16 in all areas of speech pathology, including articulation, language and literacy. She worked with both typically developing children and children with a disability.

Skye then took the opportunity to travel and work by relocating to London, England. Here she worked for the NHS in pediatrics community health. She worked both in the clinic and in schools, so has a great ability to communicate with teachers and understand classroom requirements. Skye has extensive experience working both individually and with groups to implement speech therapy goals.

Skye joined the Speak & Write team at the beginning of 2018 after moving back from London to be with her partner. Although away from family in W.A. Skye is loving living in a new city.

Skye has completed additional training in PROMPT and Spalding. Skye continues to participate in Professional Development to develop her skills. She is a practising member of Speech Pathology Australia.


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Eileen Boyle

Eileen graduated with a Master in Speech Pathology from Macquarie University in 2013 after a successful career in International Project Management.

Eileen has been working for Speak & Write since 2014 and has experience working with children and adolescences in community, clinic and within school environments. Eileen’s clients praise her ability to adapt the therapy to their child’s interests and build their self-esteem.

Eileen joined the clinical education team at Macquarie University Speech and Hearing Clinic in 2017 supervising MSLP students on paediatric placements. She now splits her week between being a mum of 2, working for the University and working for Speak & Write. This gives Eileen a varied scope of clinical experience including stuttering, early language delay, receptive and expressive language difficulty, speech sound disorders and literacy difficulties.

Eileen is trained in the Spalding Method; a literacy and language learning program as well as Hannan’s ‘It Takes Two to Talk’ program for children with an early language delay.

Eileen is an active member of Speech Pathology Australia and is currently participating in the Early Career Reference Group (ECRG) to engage and support early career speech pathologists.


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Sue McGrath

Sue graduated with a Masters Degree in Speech Pathology from Sydney University following a successful career in information technology.

Sue splits her week between her clinical practice at Speak & Write, and her role as an in-house speech pathologist at a local primary/secondary school.

Sue has a wide range of experience working with speech sound disorders, language delays/disorders and literacy difficulties.  Sue understands the demands of the classroom and is able to adapt therapy to provide her clients with helpful strategies to meet the demands of the curriculum.  She also has training and expertise in the provision of Applied Behaviour Therapy (ABA Therapy) and considerable experience working with children on the Autism Spectrum.

Sue is very creative and makes wonderful, interesting resources to help even the most reluctant readers and writers become interested in therapy, and achieve their goals.

Sue is trained in the Spalding Method, Speak & Write’s preferred literacy and language learning program, and is registered with Speech Pathology Australia’s Professional Self Regulation program.


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Ashleigh Fattah

Ashleigh completed her Bachelor of Science with a major in Psychology at the University of New South Wales, prior to completing a Masters of Speech Language Pathology at Macquarie University. She has experience providing individual and group based speech therapy in a range of clinical environments, including private practice clinics, inpatient and outpatient hospitals, schools, preschools and nursing homes.

Ashleigh splits her week between working for Speak & Write, working in a hospital and an Ears Nose and Throat Clinic in Randwick.

Ashleigh’s main area of interest is working with children and adults who have Apraxia and she is trained in the PROMPT Technique. She is certified to provide training for the Proloquo-To-Go alternative communication program used to assist individuals working towards verbal speech. Ashleigh is passionate about professional development in paediatric speech and feeding disorders for which she has attended workshops such as Elise Baker on Speech Sound Disorders with and the Sarah Starr’s Paediatric Feeding Education Program.

Ashleigh is certified and experienced in implementing the Spalding therapy method for individuals with literacy difficulties, the Hanen ‘It Takes Two to Talk’ Program for children who are late talkers or have delayed language skills and the Hanen ‘More than Words’ Program for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Ashleigh has provided successful intervention for individuals who have voice disorders and is trained in administering the LSVT Loud Program to people with voice and speech difficulties. She also has a keen interest in working with individuals who have fluency disorders and has attended the Australian Speak Easy convention to support her provision of up to date treatment for stuttering including the Lidcombe and Camperdown Program.

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Work with Us

Speak and Write Speech Pathology Sydney is growing in line with its reputation for results, professionalism, and communication with families and schools. We are looking for speech pathologists to join us who are passionate about helping children and adolescents with literacy and higher language difficulties.

We take our business very seriously and expect commitment and total professionalism, and in return we offer a great harbourside location (Rozelle/Balmain is only 6 minutes from the City), and a work environment which is energising, supportive and rewards and recognises you for your commitment.

If you are a Speech Pathologist who specialises in, or wishes to specialise in, helping students with literacy and higher language difficulties then please email your CV and a covering letter to us here.