April 2017 School Holiday Program
NAPLAN Preparation Workshops

Courses are designed to teach children how to answer NAPLAN questions whilst also building their confidence to do their best on the day under exam conditions.

Courses will cover:

1. Reading comprehension strategies
2. The structure and features of the relevant text type
3. The opportunity to write their own text with expert instruction on hand
4. Instruction in writing conventions (spelling, punctuation and grammar)

Instructors: All courses will be run by Speak & Write speech pathologists with proven experience in language and literacy intervention.

Class size: 12 student maximum – 6 students per 1 speech pathologist to ensure individualised help.

Follow-Up Recommendations: Parents will be provided with home follow up recommendations tailored to their child.

Cost: $130 per 3hrs workshop (private health fund rebates apply)

Enrolment is limited: Call 1800 788 726 or email


Text Type – Narrative
Year 3 students – Monday 10th April 9.30–12.30
Year 5 students – Tuesday 11th April 9.30–12.30
Year 7 students – Wednesday 12th April 9.30–12.30

Text Type – Persuasive
Year 3 students – Tuesday 18th April 9.30–12.30
Year 5 students – Wednesday 19th April 9.30–12.30
Year 7 students – Thursday 20th April 9.30–12.30

Call 1800 788 726 to enrol your child or email