School Readiness Groups


The transition to kindergarten can be difficult for any child. There are many skills we can provide our children with to help them with this transition. Give your child the necessary skills to succeed and shine in kindergarten.

Groups are designed to support children to develop these skills and help them build their confidence and thrive in school.

Groups will cover:

  1. Pre-literacy skills – segmenting syllable, hearing and producing rhyming words, sounding out words and blending sounds to make words
  2. Language Expansion – building vocabulary, enhancing sentence structure and developing story telling skills
  3. Following Directions – learning concepts such as first, last that are used in classroom instructions
  4. Attention – learning to sit and listen attentively in group learning activities
  5. Social Skills – turn taking, shared joint attention, learning to listen and take turn in conversations
  6. Answering Questions – developing understanding of ‘wh’ questions (who, what, when, where, why)

Class size:  Each group has up to 6 children with each speech pathologist per group to ensure individualised help.

Follow-Up Recommendations: Parents will be provided with home follow up recommendations tailored to their child.

Cost: $490 (private health fund rebates apply)

Enrolment is limited: Call 0411 146 470 or email


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