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Comprehensive Therapy

Our comprehensive therapy services and solutions are designed to help children and adolescents overcome communication and literacy challenges to thrive.

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Early Intervention

At Speak & Write, comprehensive therapy for young children can target one or more of the following areas:
Speech sounds (i.e. consonant and vowel sounds)
Language (i.e. understanding and producing words, understanding and producing different grammatical structures, following instructions)
Social Language (i.e. playing and conversing appropriately with others)
Fluency (i.e. stuttering)
Early literacy (i.e. identifying, blending and segmenting sounds in words)
Early intervention is strongly recommended as it can improve communication outcomes for children and build their confidence before commencing formal schooling.

Primary School

At Speak & Write, therapy for school aged children can target one or more of the following areas:
Speech sounds - by primary school children should have developed most of their speech sounds with the exception of the ‘th’ sound (which should develop by 7 years of age)
Fluency (i.e. stuttering)
Receptive language - understanding of directions, different vocabulary and comprehension of texts they have watched, seen or read
Expressive language - use of different grammatical and sentence structures, vocabulary, tenses and clearly expressing their wants and needs to conversation partners
Social language - ability to participate in conversations with a range of different individuals and understand requirements of different settings (e.g. need to be quiet in the library)
Literacy skills
Spelling Difficulties
Reading Difficulties
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At Speak & Write, we have a particular passion in supporting teenagers. The transformation we see in teenagers’ self-esteem, once they learn strategies to support their growth, inspires us all. Children with mild learning difficulties commonly go unnoticed for years if they have good social skills and are well behaved. It is often not until adolescence, when the demands of school increase, that their teachers notice they are having difficulties. This is often due to underlying language difficulties impeding their ability to either understand the class content or express their understanding.


We tailor an individualised program to assist adolescents with one or more of the following areas:
Comprehension difficulties
Reading difficulties
Essay writing difficulties
Difficulties with executive functioning (e.g. starting assessments, time management)
Exam results aren't indicative of academic potential
Following a comprehensive assessment to pinpoint the problem or ‘missing link’, we assist parents and teens to better understand how this may be impacting their academic success.
We then curate a comprehensive therapy plan in conjunction with the teen to ensure they have the ‘buy in’ and understand the ‘why’ behind our process. Some of the areas we target include:
Understanding keywords in assignments and exams
Understanding paragraph structures use (e.g. STEEL, PEEL, PETAL tailored to their school)
Planning written responses
Organising their time
Explaining their ideas in a detailed manner using complex sentence structures as expected of them from school
Techniques to understand new vocabulary using context clues and understanding prefix and suffix meanings