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Assessment Fees

1.5 hours direct


Comprehensive Communication Assessment

A selection of the following areas will be completed depending on your child’s needs

Pragmatic language
Fluency / Stuttering
Oral musculatory assessment
Expressive & receptive language
Literacy - spelling, reading accuracy and comprehension, written expression
1 hour direct


Communication Assessment

A selection of the following areas will be completed depending on your child’s needs

Expressive & receptive language
Fluency / Stuttering
45 minutes Direct


Tongue Thrust Assessment
& Report
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The following areas will be assessed

Oral Musculatory assessment

Therapy Fees

Price above includes 15 minutes per session for the indirect work completed including note taking, planning and further correspondence with other professionals involved in your case (if requested).
Transition to S&W with assessment completed elsewhere $260 (45 minutes direct & 60 minutes indirect)

Other charges:
Reports: $190 per hour
Travel fees for external therapy sessions at schools or preschools

Funding and rebates

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

At Speak & Write, we look after self & plan managed NDIS participants. The NDIS is a funding scheme to assist individuals with a disability or chronic disease under the age of 65-years. If you would like to know more about if your child is eligible, please visit the NDIS website. If you have any questions, please contact us so we can discuss.

Medicare's Enhanced Primary Care Plan (EPC) / Chronic Disease Management Plan (CDM)

Your child may be eligible for an EPC or CDM. This is a GP managed plan that provides a maximum of 5 Medicare rebates per calendar year for all allied health services (including OT, ENT, Physio). You can talk to your GP to determine if you are eligible.

When can I claim using an EPC/CDM?

Medicare rebates can only be used to claim therapy sessions (not assessment sessions). You can claim Medicare rebates using an EPC/CDM at any time after you have received the referral and completed the sessions. Some of our clients prefer to use the Medicare rebate before using any Private Health insurance rebates as it is typically a higher rebate ($55.10 per session). Please check this with your Private Health Insurer if you have speech pathology cover as every health fund and level of cover is different. Remember, you can reapply in January for a new EPC/CDM as the rebates are allocated per calendar year.

How can I claim my EPC/CDM sessions?

Once you have completed your EPC/CDM sessions and paid for these, you will receive a receipt from Speak & Write with the relevant information required to claim your rebate. You can then upload this receipt to the Medicare portal to make a claim.

Private Health Insurance

Many health fund plans cover private speech pathology assessment and therapy. Check with your specific health insurance to see if your level of cover entitles you to a rebate. If so, the relevant item numbers will automatically be on your receipt so you can claim your rebate back. Please note, Teachers Health, Bupa and some other smaller health funds require different item numbers to be listed. If your health fund is with either of these, please let us know so your receipts can be amended.

My health fund says you’re not registered?

At Speak & Write all of our therapists are Certified Practising Speech Pathologists with individual Medicare Provider numbers and therefore registered as providers for health fund rebates with Australian health funds. Some health funds require individual forms to be completed, we make every effort to ensure this is done, however on occasion, we may need to register with your specific fund. If this is the case, please let us know so we can organise this. It typically only takes a day or two before you can access the rebate according to your health cover.