Adolescent Comprehension and Expression

Children with mild learning difficulties commonly go unnoticed for years if they have good social skills and are well behaved. It is often not until adolescence, when the demands of school increase, that their teachers notice they are having difficulty. This is often due to underlying language difficulties impeding their ability to either understand the class content or express their understanding.

A Speak & Write ‘Adolescent Language and Literacy’ programme will help those students who have:
Comprehension difficulties
Reading difficulties
Poor memory
Essay writing difficulties
Difficulty starting assignments, writing stories etc
Poor exam results

How we help adolescents

Speak & Write start by conducting full language assessments aimed to pin point the problem or ‘missing link’ so that the student and parents have a better understanding of how this may be impacting the student’s academic success. Therapy plans are then developed with the student’s and parents’ goals in mind, which involve teaching the students techniques to overcome or manage their difficulties.

We teach our students the skills to:
Understand key words in assignments and exams
Plan their written response
Better organise their time
Explain their ideas in a detailed manner using complex sentences as expected of them from school

 Working with adolescents is a particular passion of the team at Speak & Write. The transformation we see in teenagers’ self-esteem, once they learn the above, inspires us all.